Walloon Central Marine Rental Policies

No Sunday Rentals

Rental boat deliveries and/or pickups are not offered on Sundays. 8 hour rentals are not offered on Sundays.

Dock Required for Rentals Longer than 8 Hours

A dock suitable for a 24’ pontoon is required for all rentals greater than 8 hours. If you do not have a dock, you are limited to 8 hour rentals.

Our Right to Cancel

Walloon Central Marine reserves the right to cancel any rental reservation at any time without advance notice. If Walloon Central cancels your reservation prior to it beginning, you will promptly receive a full refund.

Cancelation Policy

If you should need to cancel for ANY reason, weather included, you must provide a minimum of 72 hour advance notice from the beginning of your rental in order to qualify for a refund. In the event of a refund with proper notice, you will receive back everything but $25.

8 Hour Rentals

8 hour rentals are 10am-6pm. In some cases, an earlier time period is available, such as 9am-5pm or 9:30am-5:30pm. Boats are due back by 6pm regardless of how late you may choose to begin. All 8 hour rentals are picked up and dropped off at the public ramp in the Village of Walloon Lake at the corner of Windsor Street and West Street, directly in front of Hotel Walloon. Renters are not permitted to launch, load, or trailer our boats.

24 Hour & Multi-Day Rentals

Timing of deliveries and pickup of rental boats for periods greater than 8 hours happen at your dock on Walloon Lake at a scheduled time. Once your rental is booked, Walloon Central will reach out to you via email to schedule your delivery and pick up time. Deliveries and pickups are scheduled between 8:30am and 4pm. In order to schedule delivery and pick up, renters will need to know their check in and check out times for their rental home.

Pet Policy

Lessee understands that pets are not preferred on WCM rental boats and any mess left by a pet on the boat is to be cleaned up completely by the Lessee. This includes pet hair. Any clean-up as a result of a pet being on the boat will be billed by the Lessor at a rate of $95/hour and will be immediately charged to the credit card on file without specific permission by the card holder or Lessee.

Fuel Policy

Fuel is not included in the rental fee. Each boat has a full tank of recreational fuel upon delivery to the renter. At the end of the rental period, each boat is pulled off the lake for cleaning and fueling. Your card on file will be charged for the fuel necessary to return the tank to completely full. Renters greater than 8 hours pay for the fuel necessary to deliver or pickup the boat across the water at their dock.

Insurance NOT Offered

Walloon Central Marine does not offer insurance for renters to purchase. In the event the boat sustains any damage during your rental period, you are responsible for the full cost to repair the boat to the condition you received it in. The amount of the damage will be automatically charged to your card on file as soon as the total is known. Renters are not permitted to repair or source parts necessary to repair the rental boat.

Signed Rental Agreement Required

A signed rental agreement is required for all rentals. The rental agreement is signed upon taking delivery of the boat. The person signing the rental agreement takes full financial responsibility for the boat during their rental period.